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Dealership hours of operation
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New/Bad Credit

First Time Buyer

Are you a first time buyer? No Credit History yet? Just Graduated or about to graduate? Let us help you get your first car loan. There is no better way to start building your credit than Auto Loan! We have over 60 Pre-Owned Inventory to choose your vehicle and we are certain that this partnership is bound to last for decades to come.

New to Canada

Are you new to Canada? We can help you build your new life in Canada--starting with getting you an Auto Loan. Auto Loan has been proven again and again to provide the most effective and fastest way to get your credit history up to where more opportunities will open up for you. Whether you are recent permanent resident, temporary worker, or even under student visa, Kia of St. Catharines has a dedicated financial department for all your situation. Call us or book an appointment today for further consultation. You may qualify for both New and Used Vehicle* (Vary by situation).

Bad Credit

Something always goes wrong along the way and we find ourselves lost with no one to help us. We are here for that. If you have history of bankruptcy or remaining balance on your account, blemish of the past, or whatever the circumstances, Kia of St. Catharines has a dedicated channel and network to help you get approved at best rate possible from the banks. We work with not just the major banks, but also subprime loan lenders who specialize in helping people like you. Unlike In-House Financing, this credit structure remains on your credit history and will actually help you rebuild your credit (if all payments are made on time).
Contact us today for no obligation consultation with our Financial Service Managers.